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A fresh approach to food and organic waste recycling

Save money, decrease your landfill charges and reduce your carbon footprint

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Gap Organics Team at Wardley Biogas Plant

Management and collection of Food and Organic Waste Streams.

As part of our ongoing services, GAP can provide a collection and processing service for your food waste via Anaerobic Digestion facilities where energy trapped within the food waste is liberated to produce green energy.

Suppose your business or commercial organisation produces food or you generate food waste in any form. In that case, we can help save you money, decrease your landfill charges and reduce your carbon footprint. Recycling a single tonne of food waste can help avoid emissions of up to 1 tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Our clients appreciate the difference.

We offer food waste collection services to clients of all shapes and sizes across a variety of sectors. Here are some case study examples of the work we do.

From the Scottish borders to Nationwide

Our services help customers recycle their food waste in the most cost-effective, convenient and compliant manner. 

Circular economy

GAP provide and deliver a bespoke solution to help you achieve a zero-waste outcome.

Specialist Services

Our team of experts work tirelessly to meet your individual needs to ensure we get the job done right, first time.

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Contact the Waste Collection Experts

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Waste Services

Waste Services

Waste Services